Keeping Pace with Technology

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “Keeping Pace with Technology” comes from ITLP IX’s Vision Team – Beth-Anne Sullivan (Northeastern University), Terry Tatum (University of Texas), Elease Welch (New York University), Randy Standridge (University of Texas), Todd Rheinfrank (Carnegie Mellon University), and Tom Lewis (University of Washington).  Their graduation was last summer and since then they have continued to write, challenging their colleagues in the next stages of their leadership journey.  

The Power of Persuasion

By: Jim Bruce

In "The Power of Persuasion", Susan Cramm  Cramm argues that persuading and inspiring others starts with your character and credibility which you have established through personal interactions.  She believes that effective leaders get things done through others and, in doing so, are able to create a powerful role for themselves, their organizations and technology.   In the piece she suggests that talking to stakeholders, providing help, interacting with their staff and clients, understanding their work, empathizing with

The Hunch Engine

By: Jim Bruce

Today, we welcome the participants in Group VI of the IT Leaders Program who are starting their first workshop.  Welcome to the Tuesday Readings, gleanings from my readings that I hope you might find interesting, provocative, and otherwise useful.

What I Know Now

By: Jim Bruce

As I was reading the current issue of Fast Company, I ran across a

longer column reporting on a conversation with Joe Kraus on what he

now knows.  Kraus was a founder of Excite that in 1996 became one of the

biggest tech IPOs ever.  At 33 he is not starting Jotspot, a hosted

Internet service that allows anyone to create and edit Web pages.


I thought you might find his lessons instructive.


Virtual Communications

By: Jim Bruce

One of the things that is becoming more important to all of us is

"virtual communication," whether one-on-one or with teams.  Some of

us are old hands at this, others are still learning.  I've copied

below three recent columns on the subject from Point Lookout, a free

weekly email newsletter produced by Chaco Canyon Consulting.  I've

found the columns to be direct, usually insightful, and often quite

helpful. (Back issues of the newsletter can be found at


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