Short Pieces on Trust

Most of us, I suspect, don't pay much attention to "trust" until we get smacked in the face because there is an absence of trust and that absence of trust is stopping progress towards our goal dead in its tracks.  Rick Brenner, in two April issues of his newsletter Point Lookout focuses on the costs of low or no trust.

    -    Part I

Why Everyone in an Enterprise Can -- and Should -- Be a Leader

I found this piece --
  Why Everyone in an Enterprise Can -- and Should -- Be a Leader
-- which was originally published in December 2003 recently and thought
it was really worth sharing.

Blame or Accountability

Is It Blame or Is It Accountability? --  When we seek those 
accountable for a particular failure, we risk blaming them instead, 
because many of us confuse accountability with blame.  What's the 
difference between them?  How can we keep blame at bay?
Today's reading comes from the Chaco Canyon newsletter.  In it Rick
Brenner explores key differences between "accountable" and "blame"
noting, in particular, accountability's focus on organizational learning
and the prevention of future failures.

Ten Minutes

As all of your know by now, I read a lot from a lot of sources.
Yesterday, a newsletter called Marketplace Moments written by a friend,
Randy Kilgore, reached my desk.  It carries a story which I want to
"It's December 17, 1941. The citizens of the town of North Platte,
Nebraska heard a rumor that a troop train carrying their sons and
daughters to war would be stopping at the depot in their town for about
ten minutes.